PLFD Annual Candy Cane Run
By Deputy Chief Vincent Fanelli
December 9, 2023

The Putnam Lake Fire Department spreads holiday cheer with their annual candy cane run.

For over 25 years, the Putnam Lake Fire Department has been delighting residents with their annual candy cane run. This year was no exception as firefighters hitting the streets in their festively decorated fire trucks to distribute candy canes and holiday greetings to the community.

On a mild Saturday morning, the sound of holiday music filled the air as the fire trucks made their way through the neighborhoods, with sirens blaring and lights flashing. Children and families eagerly lined the streets, waving and smiling as they eagerly anticipated the arrival of the fire trucks.

Fire Department Chief Michael Cairney explained, "This is a tradition that the department looks forward to every year. It's our way of giving back and spreading some holiday cheer to our neighbors."

The candy cane run is a labor of love for the fire department, with volunteers spending hours decorating the fire trucks and organizing the candy cane distribution. The event also serves as an opportunity for the department to connect with the community and promote fire safety during the holiday season.

"It's more than just handing out candy canes. It's about building relationships and showing our support for the community," stated Assistant Chief Michael Gagliardo.

As the fire trucks made their way through the neighborhoods, the excitement among residents was palpable. Children ran to the curbs, enthusiastically reaching out for the sweet treats being handed to them, while parents and grandparents beamed with appreciation.

"It's a great way to kick off the holiday season," remarked local resident Mary Smith. "The kids love seeing the fire trucks and it's a fun way for the community to come together."

The annual candy cane run is just one of the many ways the Putnam Lake Fire Department gives back to the community. From organizing fire safety workshops to participating in community events, the department has long been a source of support and goodwill in the area.

As the last candy canes were handed out and the fire trucks made their way back to the station, the echoes of holiday greetings and grateful smiles lingered in the air. The Putnam Lake Fire Department once again succeeded in bringing a little extra joy and warmth to the holiday season.