Putnam Lake FD Hosts Annual Holiday Parade
By Deputy Chief Vincent Fanelli
December 6, 2023

The Putnam Lake Fire Department successfully hosted their annual Holiday Parade this past weekend, bringing joy and festive cheer to the community.

The parade, which has become a beloved tradition in the area, featured a spectacular display of twinkling lights, colorful floats, and merry music. Families lined the streets, bundled up in their winter coats and hats, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus.

The event kicked off with the dazzling parade of lights. The sound of jingling bells and joyful laughter filled the air as the procession made its way through the neighborhood.

The highlight of the parade was, of course, the appearance of Santa Claus himself, who waved to the crowd from his horse carriage being pulled by 2 beautiful steeds and steered by the Blumberg family from the Rock Hill Farm. Children and adults alike waved and cheered as Santa made his way through the streets, spreading happiness and reminding everyone of the magic of the holiday season.

The fire department also took the opportunity to promote fire safety, with members handing out fire prevention literature and offering tips to keep families safe during the holiday season. This added a valuable educational component to the festivities, ensuring that the community not only enjoyed the event but also learned important information to keep everyone safe and secure.

In addition to the parade, the Oliveri family was present collecting food for our local food pantry in memory of past PLFD member Matthew Oliveri also known as the "Food Dude". This act of generosity and compassion exemplified the true spirit of the season, as community members came together to help those less fortunate.

The successful Holiday Parade hosted by the Putnam Lake Fire Department was a wonderful celebration that brought the community together, spread joy and goodwill, and reinforced the importance of giving back during the holiday season. It was a resounding success, reminding everyone of the true meaning of the holidays and leaving a lasting impression on all who attended. Cheers to the members and participants of the Putnam Lake Fire Department for once again hosting an unforgettable event!