Weekly Drill: Portable Pond Training
By Chief Jamie Gagliardo
April 13, 2016

Members of the fire department practicing with our portable ponds tonight for our weekly training drill. Living in an area with no fire hydrants and limited water sources, portable ponds help maintain a positive water supply at the scene of a fire. The second due engine or tanker will drop a portable pond and dump their load of water. While the water in the pond is used at the scene, the tanker (or multiple tankers) will travel to a water source, re-fill and deliver water continuously until the fire is extinguished. Basically creating our own hydrant. The Putnam Lake Fire Department always comes to a fire prepared. Our primary engine arrives at the scene of a fire with 1000 gallons. Our second due pumper/tanker responds with 2500 gallons followed by our tanker with 3000 gallons. Now that's a lot of water!

Units: 23-2-4, 23-4-1, 23-6-1